I’m Luca, Full Stack Marketer

Here in Italy there are plenties of Luca Ronchi more popular than me: architects, athletes, movies director, politicians…
But if you are here, I’m the only one worth considering.
Why? Because I can skyrocket your business revenue 🙂
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2009 and before

Student and geek
sept 2005 – jun 2010 / IT Student
Side Hustle
I was buying some trendy items on Alibaba
and reselling them to people on my city
Business Enthusiast
I started reading about business
even if firstly I understood almost nothing 🙂


Technical Intern and Right-Hand man
sep 2010 – nov 2014 / H8
Full day with my former boss helping
him resolving problems about
running his company
Marketing Scientist
While I studied everything I found about marketing,
I enjoyed to create web projects
and test what was working better.


Started to be used to get through
what concern running a business
Web estate developer
I enjoyed building up web projects
and leading them towards success
Affiliate Marketer
Finally, I made my fortune
with affiliate marketing

2017 and beyond

of The ROI Company Ltd
self-explaining name 🙂
Opportunity seeker
if there’s a good business opportunity,
why not to consider it?

I manage over:


International Clients


Web Businesses

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What is made and by who

Think about the market and your company’s goals
Me & You

Firstly, we will find out how much the market can be able to pay for our service/products and what we need to have for grabbing that profit.

Find out the best ways for accomplishing them
Me & My Team

Meetings and coffees with my team of experts, and at the end we will come out with strategy and answers (that can also be “this don’t worth the hassle”)

Take action, make tests and fine tune the strategy
Our Teams

Our companies will start working together, giving life to the project and start seeking the first feedbacks about what works better.

Scale the successfull actions and saturate the market
We All Together

After the struggle, there will be the moment of scaling the system at its maximum, squeezing out from the market every drop of profit it dispose of.

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I don’t do consulting…

But I love good business ideas with scalable perspectives!

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MILAN, Italy


Linkedin: ronchiluca
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